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About us, Pro Blog Service

Blogging is both the easiest and hardest thing you can do to market your business.

It’s easy because blogging is informal, you can write short posts, and you can use your own voice and style.

It’s hard, because you need to do it 2 – 3 times a week, every week, without fail. All while trying to get the rest of your work done and going to your meetings.

That’s where we come in.

You provide the inspiration by talking with your professional blog manager. We do all the work by taking your ideas, researching and sourcing them, and then writing, publishing, and promoting blog posts that get results.

You talk to our blog manager for an hour each month, and your work is done. We come back with eight finished blog posts ready to publish.


Our Services

Corporate Blog Writing and Ghost Blogging

This is our forte. We’re writers who specialize in corporate blogging. We’ll write the blog content for you and your staff, optimize it, publish it on your blog, and then promote it to your social networks. We do all the little things related to your blog, so you don’t have to.

no bullshit social media link cover-purchase on amazonWe’ll even help manage your blog: updating plugins, moderating comments, monitoring security, and even eliminating and preventing spam.

Social Media Marketing

We literally wrote the book on social media marketing — well, a book on social media marketing, No Bullshit Social Media. We can help you create a social media marketing plan that reaches potential customers, communicates to them in their terms and their locations, and best of all, increases your sales.

Content Creation

We do more than just blog posts. We write web copy, press releases, marketing copy, white papers, special reports, and ebooks. Erik has even co-authored a book a year for the last five years, and he’s already talking about number six.


Our Team & History

Professional Blog Service was founded in 2007 by two Internet marketing veterans, Mike Seidle and Paul Lorinczi. When the company started, we first focused on Internet marketing, then search engine optimization, and finally realized that business blogging and content creation was going to be the future of marketing.

It wasn’t about shiny tools and fancy gimmicks. It was still all going to be about the words.

Erik Deckers

Erik Deckers, President of Professional Blog Service

In February 2009, Erik Deckers joined the team, providing a rich background of writing experiences. Having worked in crisis communication, as a newspaper columnist, political speechwriter, and even a playwright, Erik brought a depth and breadth of experience that has helped many of our clients see some amazing results.

A few months later, Erik and Paul became majority owners of the company, serving clients throughout North America. We often said they were the right and left brains of the company — Erik focused on the creative aspect, while Paul managed the analytics and traffic. Together, they helped clients on both coasts, as well as bits in the middle, and even worked with a couple clients in Canada.

In June 2013, Erik became the primary owner of the company, and continues to operate under the founding principle of the company: that good quality content will always be the key to successful marketing. In his time with Professional Blog Service, he has co-authored four books and is at work on his fifth. He has spoken throughout the United States, and is widely regarded as a leading voice in the content marketing and social media marketing field.

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