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Professional Blog Service’s own Erik Deckers has co-authored three books with Kyle Lacy called Branding Yourself: How to Invent or Re-Invent Yourself Using Social Media; with Jason Falls, called No Bullshit Social Media; and, with Taulbee Jackson, called The Owned Media Doctrine. All of the books are available on Amazon; the 3rd edition of Branding Yourself was released in November 2017, and is also available at Barnes & Noble.

No Bullshit Social Media

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Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself

Twitter Marketing for Dummies

Erik co-wrote this book with Kyle Lacy. While he did not get credit on the cover, his contribution is acknowledged in the book itself.

The Owned Media Doctrine

Written with Taulbee Jackson, this book is geared toward enterprise-level marketing departments that want to create a newsroom-like setup for their content marketing efforts.

Corporate Blogging for Dummies

Now nearly out of print, Doug Karr was kind enough to mention Professional Blog Service as an option for companies seeking to do Corporate Blogging. He wrote a great book on borporate blogging. We learned a lot from it in running our own ghost blogging company.

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