Blogging and Content Marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is always changing its algorithms to make life harder for SEO spammers who try to trick the system. Since 2011, they’ve had more than a dozen major changes and three serious upgrades: Panda, Penguin, and now Hummingbird.

The short of it is, Google wants good content. They want things to be well-written, interesting, and worth sharing. Good content drives traffic to your website, bad content drives it away.

Good content means more sales, bad content means fewer.

PenguinsBecause of Google’s new algorithms, the line between SEO and content marketing isn’t just blurred, it’s gone.

Now, good writing means good SEO, while an SEO-only approach focusing on keywords and backlinks will have a harder time producing results. SEO doesn’t bring in readers, it brings in search engine bots.

If you do content marketing right, it can drive traffic and conversions helping you meet your company’s online marketing goals. The data continues to show it works.

Our clients are seeing success

Pro Blog Service has several clients we work for, managing both their blogging and their SEO, and they’re not only ranking high for their best keywords, they’re seeing the payoffs as well. One client saw her business triple two times in two years, as well as her own reputation grow within her industry, as a result of our content marketing efforts.

A quick case study

In 2009, we were asked by a heavy equipment manufacturer to help him fight back against a competitor who had stolen his entire website’s content and was now using that content to outrank him on the search engines. What made it worse was the competitor was using some black hat (illegal) SEO tactics to win and really rub it in.

We launched a blogging and SEO campaign that brought the client’s site back to the top 10 of Google’s search rankings for over 100 different search terms.

In 2010, when the competitor figured out what we had been doing, he copied it and began creeping up in the results again. Our strategy was to create a multi-blog strategy, writing as many as 50 different — high-quality, interesting, and well-written — articles per month. Not only did the competitor drop in the rankings again, but soon, even some of our additional blog posts started outranking the competitor for his chosen keywords. By 2013, the competitor had dropped from the first page of the Google search results completely, replaced by some of the websites we had created.

How does it work?

To come up with your content marketing strategy, we look at a few different factors:

1. Research and strategy.
We do a detailed analysis of your market and provide keyword recommendations and a strategy blueprint on the activity needed each month to be successful against your competition.

2. Content Creation.
Pro Blog Service does the heavy lifting:

  • We manage your editorial calendar. We take into account your seasonal activity, your customers’ seasons, and the subjects they may be interested during certain times of the year.
  • We produce original, well-written articles. We’re professional writers who actually know how to write. We don’t hand it off to the intern or the new person. We work with serious, knowledgeable writers who have made a career out of the written word. Yes, you can get cheaper content, but writing is one of those “you get what you pay for” ventures.
  • We promote your content into multiple relevant networks. Google is taking “social sharing” into account. The more people know about your great content, the more they’ll share it.
  • We drive natural back links to your sites and content. Backlinks still work, but they have to be valuable and related to the original content. It’s no longer the spray-and-pray strategy the SEO firms all loved. They have to be strategic and high value.

All of our content is written specifically for your company. We help generate ideas and take your thoughts and language, and come up with your articles. The thoughts and ideas are yours, we just put them into writing.

As more and more people flee from traditional interruption-based advertising, they’re turning to companies that can provide value, give them important information, and educate them on the problems they’re facing. We specialize in that kind of content that helps people get what they need without badgering them or shouting at them. As a result, our clients see an increase in engagement and sales.

Tell us what you want below. A representative will contact you to help you further.

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