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You’ve been told you need a blog. That it will help your search engine rankings, educate customers, and show your expertise.

Blogging services are a great way to boost your SEO and demonstrate your expertiseSounds great, but you don’t have the time or resources to do it right.

That’s where Pro Blog Service can help. We’re ghostwriters and content marketers. We’re leaders in B2B blogging services, helping clients around the world. We’ll manage your blogging campaign, work with your social media marketing, and help you execute a content marketing strategy that will boost your search presence, increase web traffic, and generate leads.

The secret to blogging success is to provide high-quality content consistently. The problem is, it’s difficult to execute for most organizations. We work with your subject matter experts to provide in-depth information that’s easy for customers and decision-makers to understand, without dumbing everything down.

Every blog post will be:

  • Consistent. We work hard to understand and write in our clients’ voices. We want these things to sound like you: confident, knowledgeable, and passionate about your field. So that’s what you’ll get from us.
  • Well-written. Our writers are all native English speakers with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a written communication subject. This is not the $5 per post work you find on the cheap websites, and it’s not over-used, frequently republished content on those content syndication sites. This is original work by professional writers.
  • Search engine friendly. We keep up with all of Google’s changes and updates, and make sure we’re following their rules properly. We’ve never had to write a “How we recovered from Google’s update” posts because we keep up with what’s happening. And we never have to rely on cheap tricks and high-risk tactics to trick Google. They want high-quality writing, so we give them high-quality writing.

So why shouldn’t I do it myself? Why do I need your blogging services

You could. You absolutely could do it all yourself. In fact, check out our blog. Our president, Erik Deckers, has been writing regularly about blogging and content marketing since 2009. He’s also co-authored a few books on the subject. If you read the blog and his books, you could absolutely know as much as we do about blogging and content marketing.

But you’re not in the blogging business. You’re in, well, your business. You know as much about your business as we know about blogging services. And you barely have the time to get your own work done, let alone market it, promote it, and make sure people know about it.

So where are you going to find the time to do our job?

This is why companies either outsource or grow: there are aspects of the business they don’t do very well, or want to do very well. A restaurant owner doesn’t want to get good at bookkeeping. A Realtor does not want to spend her time producing magazine ads. And you don’t want to spend two hours writing a blog post, twice a week, eight times a month, 12 times a year.

And what if you don’t like to write? Or don’t write as well as you’d like? We’re professional writers. We work with professional freelance writers. We love language, we love words, and it’s not only our day job, it’s our hobby and sideline too. We’ve found that people who don’t enjoy writing can take 2 – 4 hours to write a single blog post, while it might only take us an hour.

Can you do this yourself? Absolutely. Should you? Depends on whether you love writing, have the time, and the know-how to manage your blog.

If you don’t, that’s where we can help.

For more information, and to learn more about our business blogging services, fill out the form below.

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