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In marketing, you reap what you sow.

Good content marketing — good writing, for that matter — is more than just a job done by the hour. It’s more than just an afterthought on your list of marketing to-dos. Good content marketing doesn’t have a cost, it’s an investment.

In an investment, you spend to make more money. Your car is not an investment, but the stock market is.

Marketing, like sales, is one of those areas where you make more money the harder you work.

That’s how we see content marketing. We see it as an investment in your company’s earnings, market share, and brand awareness. So we take it seriously, and we work to be the best writers we can be. We want your investment to pay off.

Writing Is More Than Just “A Bunch Of Words”

We’re not “just” bloggers. We don’t create throwaway content that could be spit out by a computer, a high school student, or somebody who speaks English as a fourth language (all of which we have seen passed off as “acceptable writing”).

At Pro Blog Service, we’re a little snooty about writing. We work with professional writers. We use professional editors. Even our president, Erik Deckers, is an accomplished writer and published author, so we all take the written word very seriously.

For your content marketing campaign, we will research, interview, write, edit, publish, and promote 8 blog posts per month, as well as manage your blog (update plugins, maintain security, manage comments), if necessary.

The cost is $1500 per month, and we prefer a 6 or 12 month contract.

We can also do 4 articles per month for $750.

We write blog posts, articles, and other content (white papers, ebooks, etc.) that are not only optimized for search engines, but, more importantly, are well-written, interesting, and a pleasure to read.

Other companies will write your content for $200 per month, or will “write” posts for $10 apiece, and you’ll get exactly what you paid for. There’s a reason those writers are only worth $10 a post. There’s a reason those writers are cheap.

Because you reap what you sow.

If you want good writing that turns your website into a money-making investment, talk to us. If you only want something to fill up space on your website, talk to the cheap writers.

Call us at 317-674-3745, or you can fill out a quote request below.

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