Download Our Whitepaper: ROI On Hiring a Ghost Blogger

“What’s the ROI of hiring a ghost blogger for my company?”

It’s hard to answer, but easy to figure out. And we have a white paper that can help you figure the Return On Investment on hiring a ghost blogger versus blogging in-house. (Hint: ghost blogging wins.)

The numbers are pretty straight forward. If you’re trying to convince your boss that outsourcing is going to be more cost effective, because you won’t be able to hire an experienced writer with your current budget, then this can help you persuade him or her.

We do the work so you can go to your meetings.

That used to be our tag line when we first started: we do the work so you can go to your meetings. Because companies like to have a lot of meetings. When we worked in corporate America, and our state government (Erik Deckers used to be the Risk Communication Director for the Indiana State Department of Health), we went to a lot of meetings. Sometimes six hours of meetings in an 8-hour day.

If that’s your schedule, where do you think you’re going to find the time to do any blogging?

That’s where a ghost blogger comes in handy. We don’t have to go to your meetings. Hell, we don’t have to go to any meetings, unless they’re held in our favorite coffee shops.

We just sit down, do the work, and get your blog posts to you. They’re professionally written, interesting to read, and will help you be seen as one of the experts in your industry.

If you want to have a corporate blog, so you can be found more easily online and be seen as one of the experts, you need a ghost blogger.

But if you’re still not convinced, download our whitepaper, and see if we can answer your questions and quell your uncertainties. Then, request a quote, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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