If We Used FourSquare for Sex

There can sometimes be a little too much sharing about our personal lives.

Back in October, I wrote about how 36% of people under 35 had tweeted or status updated after sex.

That is, 36 percent of the 35-and-under crowd have not only tweeted or given status updates after sex, they were updates that they’d just had sex.

Now that Foursquare is getting more and more popular with the Twitterati, I’m worried what it’s going to look like if people start using Foursquare to check in after sex.

Just checking in on my honeymoon. Hey, I scored the Newbie badge for scoring my first check-in! My new bride didn’t get one. I’ll have to ask her about that later.
I just got the Local badge. Foursquare says that means I’ve been to the same place 3 times in one week. Wow, Foursquare is fun. So is being married.
Woo-hoo! The Bender badge. That’s 4 nights in a row for me. Man, this honeymoon is awesome!
Kelli has been crying for a couple hours. Apparently some guy named Trevor is now the mayor of 12 different places.
The Crunked badge. 4 stops in one night? I need some Gatorade. And a nap.
Whew, it took me three months, but I finally just became the mayor of my wife! I thought I saw that I “ousted” someone else (ousted? Is that the right word? Wonder what that means), but before I could read what that meant, Kelli smashed my iPhone on the nightstand.
Kelli went to SXSW2010, and I saw she got the hookup badge for visiting two different hotels. So did that guy, Trevor. She must be attending a lot of parties. Also, she’s staying up awfully late. How else would she have gotten this at 3:00 in the morning. Also, what does it mean if I’m “ousted” as the mayor of something?
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    1. Funny, but somewhat a sad statement on society with regard to public vs private information.

    2. Steven,

      We try to respect the boundaries of good taste and decorum. We’ll totally break them, but we’ll respect them completely.
      .-= Erik Deckers´s last blog ..If We Used FourSquare for Sex =-.

    3. So glad you didn’t mention the Swarm Badge.
      .-= Steven Shattuck´s last blog ..stevenshattuck: @nzcampbell dinner at downtown @brewhouse =-.


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