Should You Pay For Traffic to Your Business Blog?

that information to really build your micro-niches.

Let Your Readers/Users Inspire You
If you’re posting press releases or product information on your business blog, do you really know if it’s working? What’s actually driving users to your site and why? To find out, use a tool like Google Analytics to tell you not only how many people came to your site, but why they came, how they found you and what they were searching for.

By understanding what types of content actually work, you’ll be better equipped to build on the content that’s actually generating results.

For example, if most of your Facebook visitors are coming because of a particular product or topic, then give them more. Create series on the topic or engage in more conversations about that topic on your social networking sites.

Be Flexible
Not every post or tweet has to be about your product or business, in fact I guarantee that will turn customers off. So, stay flexible and let your posts or interactions go with the flow. Yes, you want your blog posts to stay on message, but you also want to sincerely address your audience’s concerns and interests.

Remember, be real and the relationships will follow.

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